Rugby WC2019 / England & Eddie Jones reach UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment… before loosing heavily against South Africa !

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England rugby team lead by the charismatic Australian trainer Eddie Jones walk on the Rugby World Cup 2019 before falling in the final!!!

Despite this defeat against South Africa in the finals on the score of 12 – 32, this amazing team and their famous coach Eddie Jones remind me the French football team of 2018, who won the 2018 World Cup with their charismatic world champion coach Didier Deschamps… So much efficiency in both teams… but a very different end!

Mainly a team of young players, playing as one, fully focused and feeling unbeatable, keeping their plan from start to finish, unexpected at such a tremendous level in all dimensions… and having based their World Cup preparation on beating the legendary All Blacks in the semi-finals. They did it but it has been their final!

The final against South Africa was a fight of incredible intensity that made their certainty wobble and brought a form of chilliness, they couldn’t get away from it.

Without this last game, the rugby team of England could have been the perfect example of UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment! 

These two trainers have in common their hability to build a conquering team based on the highest technical level achievable and such a powerful collective, such a tribe!

Technically, we talk about top level performance in all fields.

Not one parameter has been neglicted by the coach Eddie Jones: physical, technical, speed, psychological, strategy and tactics… we can feel that the players have full confidence in their skills, their body, their preparation… they have the tools and the whole process perfectly in hand.

In the same time, we see an incredible powerful mindset, a full commitment of all people involved, and a full confidence in each other.

The best example is when the english Captain Owen Farrell misses several kicks in a row during the qualifications… but he keeps kicking and finishes with 100% for the last 3 kicks, making then a 100% and 20 points against Australia in the quarters (40-16). Total confidence in oneself, in the coach and from his partners. The choice also of a legendary mentor and coach for the best advices: Sir Jonny Wilkinson himself!!! Missing and learning is part of the plan as a constant preparation for the Cup! Awesome mindset!

What if… at ones level, this kind of achievement was part of our daily life, bringing well-being and inner joy?!

The good news is that we all have within us this ability to reach UltraPerformance with our group of people involved. It is right in front of us, ready to be activated like Eddie Jones or Didier Deschamps did with their teams : a powerful combination of 3 key dimensions:

  • achieving high level technical objectives seen as “unattainable”, with a perception of facility,
  • individual and collective fulfillment of all the actors involved in this success, feeling trust, powerful human connection, commitment, pride, pleasure; a real inner transformation and the desire to continue.
  • our UNIVERSAL RESPONSIBILITY to continue our existence and our achievements in the respect of oneself, others and our environment.
Congratulations South Africa for your consecration and England for this amazing demonstration of what we can achieve individually and collectively!


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