Interview by Niels Brabandt: the dead end of pure performance

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A deep exploration about UltraPerformance… and our world of tomorrow!

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3′ of key moments here below (subtitled)

For more than 20 years, Niels Brabandt has guided top leaders to implement the concept of sustainable leadership. He is considered as a worldclass reference on this topic through his talks, workshops and trainings delivered worldwide. UltraPerformance applied to the ZephirProject adventure is an exciting field of exploration for Niels.

After a very successful podcast during the 2020 crisis, he’s launching his new videocast in a new YouTube chanel.

Niels wrote:

“Marc Amerigo: engineer, project manager, World Record Achiever. However, one World Record is not enough for him. With a global team of experts, he sets out to achieve another one. ZEPHIR Project was born. Reaching out to achieve Ultra Performance by delivering outstanding Project Management, Leadership and more. In this interview, he gives us insights into his approaches, ideas and plans.”

Such a great honour to be Niels’ first guest speaker!

Niels Brabandt:  /


The full interview here below

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