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“Marc started with the most amazing, like jaw-dropping!… BOOM!”

“Particulièrement dynamique et sincère, avec une réelle vertu collective.”

“Absolutely awesome!”

“Tu nous as transmis tellement d’énergie et d’émotions que j’ai été pris aux tripes !”

“Marc’s conference was such a gift!”

“Votre intervention pleine d honnêteté et donc d’émotion m’a particulièrement touché !”

“Without any fancy stuff or a big ego… He impressed a whole audience in a room that went completely silent, and left the room inspired by what he’s done.”

“Tu as participé à m’aider à trouver les clés dont j avais besoin pour avancer vers les défis que je me suis fixés.”


Léocadie: Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Marc: My name is Marc Amerigo, I am an entrepreneur, project leader and speaker, and I am an international speaker. I speak on the theme of UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment.


Léocadie: You are the creator of UltraPerformance, can you explain to us what it is exactly? What is UltraPerformance?

Marc: Beyond a state of mind, a mindset, a method or tools, it’s really a philosophy: how can we reach very high levels in an organization or a project in terms of technical dimensions, but also very high levels in terms of human accomplishment, well-being of people, pleasure, commitment and meaning in what we do. So it’s about mixing these two dimensions, and then associating, in addition, the relationship with oneself, with others, with our environment. UltraPerformance is all about this global approach.


Léocadie: You speak of a global approach, of a philosophy, in which sector is it the most appropriate? What are your sectors of intervention?

Marc: In fact, the UltraPerformance mode of intervention really concerns many sectors. It is neither religious nor political, it is something that is open to all, that is accessible. We come back to the sources of the human being, to our capacity to connect to the other and the sectors that for me are the most relevant today are the business world, and industry in particular, the Corporate world, also Business, for those who are consultants, who are in coaching for example, and then also what is very important for me is the dimension of Education because the world of tomorrow passes by education. So I spend a lot of time on education. And then finally the last theme is all the Institutions that create these links with all these actors of our world today.


Léocadie: Who are your services intended for?

Marc: Several types of people. I would say that on the one hand, there are people who are looking for speakers who focus on impact, inspiration, and concrete tools for conferences and seminars that are organized. Otherwise, I work with decision-makers, managers, who are either at the corporate level in relation to a corporate vision, or who are at the project level and have very specific issues to deal with. So that’s all my main contacts.


Léocadie: These interlocutors are people, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, who, like all of us, are currently immersed in a context that is uncertain and complex, that generates multiple crises that will manifest themselves in different ways. An economic crisis, a health crisis, a societal crisis, a social and human crisis, several dimensions that we are confronted with.  What are your contributions in this complex world?

Marc: It’s a first, we’ve known it for a long time, even during the events of the world wars, it wasn’t as difficult outside of the conflict zones, since all the components are turned upside down, in addition to a very rapid communication across the planet. So today, what we are able to bring is perhaps a form of stability, of clairvoyance, in what I call the chaos of difficulties in complex environments. It’s how we will manage to really project ourselves, to feel which is the way that our way the opportunities to put in place a whole process at the same time technical. How do we get out of the chaos, how do we concretely become more efficient, more effective and how do we also manage to take people into account since the crisis is also social. Most of the people on the planet have been confined, often with their families, for several weeks or even several months, and everyone comes out of it, completely shaken up, impacted by these moments of deep and intense reflection, by all the information that comes from social networks, from the media. So the company manager, or the decision-maker, has both his or her company that must continue to exist, that must survive, and at the same time, there is the human dimension, which can be even more present than ever, because people must find meaning again, find cohesion, find a collective again, and I have testimonies from managers who tell me: we used to have a very close-knit team, and today we have people who come back, and who no longer have the same expectations, who don’t find themselves there. There is this gap that exists, which was created by this major crisis and this confinement. And so everything is being rethought. We are working on these two dimensions, both the technical and operational dimensions, and the human dimension.


Léocadie: Let’s go into more detail on the services to understand the spirit, the time to scan them and see how each of these services is articulated and provides the first elements of response. In particular, in relation to the needs of employees, in relation to the decision-making of decision-makers and in relation to the cohesion that will have to be rebuilt in an environment that is very chaotic. What are the benefits?

Marc: I would say that this period of almost total cessation of activity, even if we continue to have activity, but it is in a completely different register from what was done before, and I took advantage of this to finish my book on UltraPerformance which talks about these dimensions and the power of this philosophy. I would like to share the sequence of the offers, which you can see in the image on the different proposals that I have developed and which correspond to a common thread.

The first one is this dimension of conferences and seminars in which I have the capacity to intervene and to speak about my own life experience, both in the industrial companies, and also in extreme sports, on the piloting of projects and world records in extreme sports.

The second dimension, I would say the most global dimension, is the one in which a company really needs a strategic and fundamental transformation. This is a subject that is more important today than ever. Transformation has always been a recurring theme for the last ten years or so. Today it has become a fundamental subject because the world has been completely turned upside down. Every company must rethink itself in a sustainable way, and this is really a problem today for decision-makers and managers of large companies. To do this, we have developed a whole path that consists of working at several levels.

The first level is really an intervention that is rather “FLASH” at the project level. We take a subject and we “dissect” it to bring solutions within the project team. The second level is a little more immersive, spending time in the field to understand a subject in its entirety in order to address it with the teams in place. The third dimension is more global at the project level, which consists of seeing how a project is carried out at these two levels: technical performance with the achievement of objectives and the well-being, investment, involvement and commitment of the people concerned.


Léocadie: What is the detailed content of the services and the topics covered?

Marc: As far as conferences and seminars are concerned, I am very much in demand as an external speaker who has experience, who is lucky like me to have developed a philosophy, a way of working and keys through my own experience. It is true that the effects in a very short time, in one hour of conference, we can really have “shifts”, changes of mind, different approaches, good questioning.


Léocadie: This service can be provided both in person and remotely?

Marc: Yes, absolutely. In fact, today’s crisis has led us to completely rethink our methods of intervention. Face-to-face has always been my activity, but today we have switched to an online dimension, as we are in the process of doing when we speak here. And these conferences, what is very interesting, is that they are very impactful on an emotional level. It’s something that’s different from face-to-face but has a huge impact, for a reason that I discovered, as did most of the speakers like me who didn’t necessarily know about this scheme. We have a real presence of proximity like here, there is a real proximity and that allows us to pass very strong messages from person to person, more sometimes than when we are on a stage with maybe up to 100 meters of distance. We intervene on the two formats, which makes that today we have a big work of development, which was made besides together Léocadie, and with other partners. We are going to mix the face-to-face and the power of online work.

In the interventions, the ones that are most in demand are what I call “IMMERSION”. This is when we really dig into a subject within a project, a particular issue, for example the technical quality of services, or security issues, which we will take in its entirety. At that point, we have the capacity to do this work which is done over 3-4 days and which allows us to really solve the problem. I would say that the main entry point is the “IMMERSION” program, which is very impactful. In addition to that, we have more specific requests that I call “FLASH”, we take a specific problem to treat it in maybe 1 to 3 hours of remote exchanges.

The main entry point is therefore “IMMERSION”, but when the project manager or the company manager is on a sensitive subject, the spirit is to move on to the “Leading Project” program, which is more about the global vision of the project. We take the project as a whole, and we bring in the UltraPerformance dimension. If I take the example of the world sailing speed record project, which is both very fun and very technical, and in which I am involved, having launched it with Antoine Albeau, our greatest French champion with 25 world championship titles. We apply the UltraPerformance approach to the project, with collective power, impact, know-how and technical performance.

What happens next in this red thread is that we can switch from “Leading Project”, as we saw above, to the dimension of “Strategic Transformation”. We are really moving into the deployment of the UltraPerformance device, into the approach of the philosophy within the entire organization.

These are the main entry points, the conferences and seminars on a recurring basis, and then the “IMMERSION” program to solve problems, by major themes, and then to move on to either “FLASH” treatments, or to something more global at the project level or at the level of the entire company and organization.


Léocadie: Thank you Marc for these very enlightening elements, you have shared with us your offerings, your services and your services in a global way. I would like to suggest that we really get into the dynamics of each of these offers, so that you can talk about the themes that are addressed, and precisely the benefits that can be gained when we choose one or other of these proposals, in relation to the problems that we may encounter when we are a decision-maker or a project leader. So what are the technical and human themes covered?

Marc: In the structure of the offer, there is really the service itself, we have seen “FLASH”, “IMMERSION”, or “LEADING PROJECT”, or the conference and strategic transformation dimensions. But we deal with very concrete, very concrete topics. I am sharing them here. In the offerings section, we will explore certain themes and sub-themes of intervention.

For example, in the technical themes, we have the impact of Covid-19. Today, our sites, our projects, are subject to specific operating modes, new procedures, so we must adapt. These procedures have an impact on all the existing procedures and it is not necessarily easy. In addition, the economic difficulty comes on top of that.

For the technical parts, there is another dimension which is often recurrent in projects: technical insufficiency. We have performance gaps, unmet objectives. We know how to deal with them, for example, problems with consumables that are used. This corresponds to a state of mind, to a relationship with others, to an optimization of resources, and these are points that we know how to deal with with UltraPerformance and some of our tools.

The third theme concerns costs and missed deadlines, which are recurrent problems in a project where too much time is spent and too much money is spent, and this is something that is also linked to technical dimensions and human dimensions that really bring improvements in these subjects.

Finally, on the subject of safety, we know that, although we know that safety is important, when we are on a site, when we are exposed, we often behave in ways that are not very consistent with what we are supposed to know in our heads. It’s through emotion, through assimilation of gestures, assimilation of risk, the fact of being in support of the other, of having this kind of shared vigilance that EDF has developed, quite rightly in fact. So we’re in these problems there, we have impacts on the frequency rate (Tf) and severity rate (Tg) ratings. We know how to make a safety message more impactful with our approach.

On the human dimensions, it’s a little different, we’re going to focus on four subjects, four themes as well.

The first theme is the new post-containment work methods at Covid-19. We have had to change our habits, review our organization, often remotely. To do this, we have developed several offers, alone or in collaboration, what we have called “The Manager’s Compass” with dimensions linked to the coaching of people and managers. So this is something that Léocadie does very well and that’s why we’re talking about it. The management aspect, to rebuild one’s way of doing things, one’s reference points, in this world which is a complex world. These are important subjects, and we are in a crisis phase, leadership is changing, the approach is changing, and the mindset is also changing. On these next subjects, we are focusing on the aspects of motivation and team commitment. This includes the problems of absenteeism, for example, as we mentioned earlier, the fact that the meaning has changed, people have different expectations, so we have a certain number of themes related to absenteeism, low performance, high turnover or a poor image of our clients. So we know how to impact these aspects of team motivation and commitment. Finally, our last two subjects on this human dimension are the aspect of tensions within the teams, as you have understood, UltraPerformance is also the power of the collective that we manage to weld together or re-weld. When everyone is working for themselves, when there are conflicts between people, when there is no transparency, when things are hidden under the carpet because people don’t dare to expose themselves, these are points on which we manage to give good, effective and lasting answers. Finally, middle management is sometimes not really aligned with its own management. And for good reason, they defend their interests and their own interests in a very legitimate way, they have a very good reason and this is what we explore to avoid having these contradictory or dissonant messages. So these are the themes that our offers will address in a very specific way to answer your question very concretely to these needs of decision-makers.


Léocadie: It is interesting to see that these decision-makers, depending on the burning issues they are currently dealing with, can address you either on a purely technical dimension through the four points developed, but also on a human dimension, knowing that in the support you will propose, you will in any case address both dimensions, because it is the human being who is at the heart of all of these modifications, evolutions and transformations. What are the benefits of each of these interventions?

Marc: In terms of benefits, there are 10 key points that we have been able to highlight from our various interventions in organizations. I’m sharing this screen and this extract from our site in which we see these 10 points that concern both the individual and the collective. We realize that when we are in this type of operation, we are going to touch on a certain number of benefits that are important, here at the level of collective benefits:

Achieving a high level of individual and collective well-being.

Agility of the team to adapt effectively to constant change.

Knowing how to design efficient, perfectly adapted disruptive strategies.

Achieve sustainable success in transformation.

Become influential leaders.

Then here at the level of individual benefits:

Find meaning in your work in the long term.

To be confident in surpassing oneself.

To be able to project oneself well beyond one’s limits.

Perform and reach big goals with ease.

To live better with power games.

And we know that in our organizations and our world today, power plays are sometimes difficult to live with.


Léocadie: Thank you for this insight into the benefits of different services, I think we have covered all the key points, which will enlighten all of our listeners today and certainly make those who would like to contact you want to get closer to you. I noticed that on your site, you have a detail that is extremely modern, which goes in the direction of what you develop online, it is that finally you are very accessible, because to have an appointment with you, it is enough to take and to click on your site, and to have you actually live to be able to exchange with you. So how do we contact you?

Marc: That’s the power of digital! In one click, as soon as we know what we want and we’ve been well directed, we make an appointment, either visually on Zoom as here, or by phone. Zoom automatically connects to the calendar, sends you a link with a schedule and additional information. In the end, you have easy access to discuss your project. Digital has great strengths.


Léocadie: What are the impacts of these services?

Marc: In the impact of such a collaboration, there is the so-called “firefighter” operation which is often recommended today, and which is requested, because it is punctual. We don’t dare to go any further, but it is not necessarily the most effective in the long term, it is effective in an operational way. We treat a single problem, we put a patch somewhere, but the underlying problem often has much wider repercussions. In particular, the state of mind, the mindset of the teams will perhaps lead to a problem with security today, but at the same time we impact costs, deadlines, we impact the hierarchy, the transmission of the vision throughout the hierarchy. The impacts are often multiple, and we don’t necessarily see it.


Léocadie: Thank you for this insight, I think that it will allow our auditors to look at all of these proposals in more detail. I have one last very important question, I would like you to highlight what people finally gain from discovering UltraPerformance, and from entering this UltraPerformance dynamic?

Marc: I would say from experience that since I have been working on these subjects for quite a few years, I have been working in extreme environments for about 20 years, something quite magical has happened. The team gains confidence, all the people involved gain full confidence, newcomers are welcomed differently. There is a spirit, we realize that in general the ego diminishes, because we are in this functioning of powerful collective between people, what I call leaning on the ancestral dimensions of the tribes, leaning on our inner DNA which makes us really easily connected to the other, connected to the nature besides. And that’s what’s happening, that’s what we see very clearly in the teams, the egos are diminishing, the judgment of the other is also diminishing. This is something that must speak to you, “the judgment of the other”, it is omnipresent in our society. Conflicts and tensions decrease, we are able to have alternating leadership in projects, which facilitates the assumption of responsibilities by both parties. So overall, I would say that there is both the technical dimension where we will be better at what we do, with measurable aspects and precise objectives. But at the same time, the state of mind changes, the relationship with others changes and you feel good when you are in such a project. This is something that today is not the result of chance. Often we say to ourselves: in this team, they are lucky, things are going well because the manager is nice or the company director is nice. In fact, it’s something very human, which can be created voluntarily, in a targeted and precise way, in almost all the environments I’ve worked in.


Léocadie: To sum up, working with you would be a way of discovering an environment in which the human relationship evolves, at the same time as the technical dimension, which becomes a support, a tool, in this stage of evolution, to serve an overall project that is often strategic, in the way of accompanying the employees but also of supporting the decision-maker in the decisions he makes or in the vision and strategy he wants to deploy in his environment. With an approach that is both punctual and another in which, somewhere, it is a way to allow all the interlocutors to appropriate these ancestral dimensions, to inspire them to go further in their approach.

Thank you for all these elements and if you had one last word to give to those who don’t know you yet to make them want to meet you or to make them want to establish a collaboration with you, what would you tell them? What state of mind or mindset would you like them to have in order to get started?

Marc: It would be to have the curiosity, the desire, a deliberate choice to go and explore an unknown dimension, and yet one that is a source of surprises and satisfaction. So it’s the state of mind that’s important to me. In the people I work with, I like to see this dynamic. And when you are in this dynamic, exceptional things happen, I know it from experience. It is a great pleasure to be able to meet with this state of mind.


Léocadie: I am going to invite all of our listeners to follow your news closely since you mentioned your book on UltraPerformance, so I think that it will be an initiation for those who are going to discover it, a book that will also enlighten those who have already benefited from this practice in your different accompaniments.

We are waiting to hear from you very soon and I thank you, Marc, for the time you have given me, for your attention, as well as you who have followed this video to the end. I wish you a very nice day.

Marc: Thank you very much Léocadie for this exchange. Very good day to all. See you soon.

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