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Project Leader of Extreme Challenges & International Speaker

“Highlighting one’s bio is an essential summary, showing all one’s experiences, cumulated achievements over the years. This path is quite often tortuous. We try to smooth it out, to make it the most understandable and coherent possible. Nevertheless, Mother Nature knows best. Our life paths, as far-fetched as they seem, have a golden guiding principle… The real quest of our lives! I have not been spared tough disparate situations, seemingly disconnected from each other. I have had to go through some particularly difficult times. Ripping out my hair! Indeed my creed has always been to deal with “Chaos & Complexity” and reach “Performance & Harmony”. It’s not been that easy to live with, but I now hold this understanding of the meaning of my life: UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment.

UltraPerformance through human empowerment – Leadership & Management du Futur, Crise, Motivation, Inspiration, Innovation, Engagement, Dépassement de soi – Pas à pas pour des prises de conscience et une Transformation pérenne.

Entrepreneur, Project Leader & International Speaker, Expert in Innovation & Performance in Complex Environments, born in South East France.

  • Graduated as a mechanical engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (Top 10 in France), then trained at the University of Maryland (USA) and at the E.M. Lyon Business School (Top 3).
  • 25 years of experience in research and industry in France and abroad, entrepreneur at heart and passionate manager attracted by innovation (14 registered patents in automotive, industrial containment, industrial painting cabins or sailing rigs), strong leadership, always pushing the limits with his team.
  • An extreme sports fan since 1991, putting all his expertise into pushing through the limits.

He created and managed several companies, including EngiNova, specialized in engineering & innovation from conception through implementation:

  • In complex industrial environments: like nuclear power plants, aeronautics, automotive, shipbuilding…
  • In high speed extreme sports: several World Records and Firsts, since 1997 with Eric Barone (228kph / 142mph on a MTB), or Edmond Plawczyk (203kph / 126mph on a snowboard).
  • Appearances in several French and international press / media, TV shows and documentaries.

His next 3 year challenge (2020-2022) is to chase the incredible 65.45 knots 2012 Sailing World Speed Record by building and leading a worldwide team of top-level experts. He is co-leading the project with Antoine Albeau, the most decorated French athlete ever with his 25 Windsurfing World Champion titles.

International Professional Speaker (bilingual French – English).

  • Married, 4 children, based in Marseille (France).

Since he was a child, human performance in fighter jets or spacecrafts has always fascinated Marc. By representing an innovative approach to leadership and management, he has been able to completely express his talents and skills in the most challenging of fields.
His creed: dealing with “Chaos and Complexity” to reach “UltraPerformance & Harmony”.
His approach to leadership and management consists in delivering performance through innovation, people and commitment.
So, “Shift Your Brain”!

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