Our range of services to build our future together and reach step-by-step UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment

“Tomorrow, we must be able to perform better, for the benefit of the greatest number, by meeting higher demands and consuming fewer resources. UltraPerformance is a real philosophy that I have been able to conceive and enrich over time, a proposal for this world of tomorrow that will have to know how to combine the technical and human dimensions to be sustainable, and to respect nature, starting with human beings. Let’s go back to the source of our essence for the good of each and everyone.”

“Demain, nous devrons être capables d’être plus performants, pour le bénéfice du plus grand nombre, en répondant à de plus fortes exigences, et en consommant moins de ressources. L’UltraPerformance est une réelle philosophie que j’ai pu concevoir et enrichir au fil du temps, une proposition pour ce monde de demain qui devra savoir combiner les dimensions techniques et humaines pour être pérenne, et respecter la nature, à commencer par les êtres humains. Revenons à la source de notre essence pour le bien de tous et de chacun.


Online / Onsite


Topics: UltraPerformance – Human Empowerment – Crisis Management & Leadership – Innovation – Motivation – Commitment / Engagement – Universal Responsability (lien conférences)

We provide:

Inspirational content based on my own experience (bilingual French, English).

Results: create an engaging dynamic around the sharing of my UltraPerformance philosophy, my vision, aligned with the objectives of the event.

Differentiation: individual and collective reflection thanks to interactivity, digital tools and immersion in complex environments, whether in industry or extreme sports.


Deployment of a Global System for Organizations (D)


This service, co-constructed with you, based on a systemic and tailor-made approach, enables you to structure a global transformation process (cultural, behavioural and technical) to meet the strategic challenges of your organisation.

This dedicated system integrates the issues of our major topics (see details below).

Format and duration defined together.

Powerful, measurable and sustainable operating results.

Differentiation: a combination of all our methods and know-how, to reveal the full potential of the technical and human dimensions of your organization.


From WorkFlows to Flow / Des Flux vers le Flow



Curative Program (A)


This service makes it possible to target a specific problem and to respond efficiently to it.

This FLASH session is proposed for each of the sub-topics treated (see below).

Format (defined during the briefing): 1 to 3 hour session.

Impacting results: creating a relevant and operational strategy to address the problem encountered.

Differentiation: Effectiveness of the response, which respects the constraints of the intervention environment.

Proven methods and approaches (adapted as needed).


One-to-One & to-Many

Preventive Program (B)


This service makes it possible to target a global problem and to respond effectively to it.

Through some time of IMMERSION in your project, this support is proposed for each of the main topics treated (see below).

Format (defined during the briefing): 4-day pack, onsite & online, frequency adapted to the need.

Immediate results: develop autonomy on the solutions developed together, and create a relevant, operational and scalable strategy, declined over time.

Differentiation: Effectiveness of the response, highlighting the technical and human resources available.

Proven methods and approaches (adapted as needed).



Preventive Program (C) 


This service makes it possible to effectively address complex issues by activating the power of collective intelligence.

This LEADING PROJECT training is proposed for each of the main topics covered (see below)

3 possible Formats (choice defined during the briefing): 6 weeks / 6 months and 13 months, inter-sessions adapted to the need.

Long-lasting results: reinforcing autonomy, acquiring collective intelligence tools, making the group a sustainable support for development.

Differentiation (in addition to (B)) : Complete work on the mindset and the relationship to oneself, to the other, to the group and to the complex system at the service of the project.

Proven methods and approaches: combining our know-how adapted to the need.


our 25 years experiencenos 25 ans d’expérience


Covid-19 Impact

Covid-19 Impact

For example:

  • Operation in degraded mode (few staff / deliveries / unforeseen / mental …)
  • Procedures / Gestures Barriers / hyper-constraining procedures
  • Company in difficulty / Economic system under constraints

Insufficient Technical Performance

Insufficient Technical Performance

For example:

  • Avoidable performance gap (actual % planned)
  • Target not met
  • Too many resources consumed (consumables / production / rental)

Costs & Delays not met

Costs & Delays not met

For example:

  • Risk of failing to meet deadlines
  • Risk of budget overruns

Safety Problems

Safety Problems

For example:

  • Safety messages communicated not efficient anymore
  • The staff seems to be unaffected by security in operations
  • Accident rates


New post-Covid-19 lockdown Work Modes

New post-Covid-19 lockdown Work Modes

For example:

  • The Manager’s Compass
  • Manage your teams remotely & dispersed
  • Rebuilding our landmarks in an uncertain world
  • Crisis Leadership in Complexity

Lack of Motivation & Commitment of the Teams

Lack of Motivation & Commitment of the Teams

For example:

  • Absenteeism
  • Low performance and efficiency
  • High turnover on the project
  • Bad image given to the customer

Tensions / Difficult relationships within / between Teams

Tensions / Difficult relationships within / between Teams

For example:

  • Every man for himself / individualism
  • Conflicts between individuals / teams
  • No transparency / hidden problems

Intermediate Management not aligned with the Vision

Intermediate Management not aligned with the Vision

For example:

  • Everyone blindly defends their interests, loss of global meaning
  • Reinforced silos: everyone keeps their old approach
  • Conflicting or dissonant messages to staff

Your UltraPerformance expert / Votre expert de l’UltraPerformance

UltraPerformance has been created by Marc Amerigo. He guides you and your teams towards Performance and Harmony: UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment.
L’approche de l’UltraPerformance a été créée et est portée par Marc Amerigo pour guider vos équipes vers l’atteinte des objectifs de performance et d’épanouissement humain.


Entrepreneur, Project Leader & International Professional Speaker.
Read More Here > Professional Profile – www.enginova.fr
TEDx Issy 11-2017 > « La Confiance dans un Collectif engagé dans l’UltraPerformance »

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