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Interview dans le journal économique Bulgare – business, économie et management.

  1. What does it mean to perform beyond the limits? What are the limits of leadership and management in the 21st Century? How to overcome it?

At any moment in life, we have a determined perception of the limits of our environment, of our current projects or of our relationships. To perform beyond the limits is about redefining what actually these limits might be. By finding out how we could achieve more, we perform beyond our previous limits.

We live in a century of deep changes in people behavior and goals. Leadership and management have always been at heart of the human achievements. Our modern world has turned them in process from top to bottom. In my opinion, human connections become more and more the key of successful achievement. The leadership and management approaches who will lead tomorrow’s world will be the one who have necessarily to adapt to a new generation of human concerns.

  1. What are the key factors and causes that lead the manager’s effectiveness to decline?

The more the manager uses pure authority with minor personal interest in reaching the goals, the less the new generation of working people will feel concerned. This result is not correlated with the interest of the final vision of the project. Depending directly of the manager abilities, to go to the moon might become less « exciting » than designing a new dustbin.

  1. What is one trait every manager needs more today than ever?

To be emotionaly connected with the others. It is all about professional intimacy. He is now full part of a project ecosystem. Not above the team anymore.

  1. What advice would you give to teams who are currently going through a bad time and want a positive change? What are the best ways to motivate themselves and maximize their potential? What leaders can do when nothing seems to be going right?

From my own experience, even in the worst chaotic situations, the solution comes from the ability of the people engaged to step back, communicate and connect together. They actually find a true excitement in getting out of it all together. It is part of our DNA.

Throughout ages and the scientific achievements, we just forgot that emotional connection is embedded in us. The BrainShift method explains these sequential steps that lead from chaos to harmony in a complex environment. The leader’s mission is to  take the necessary time to go through this stabilizing process.

  1. What do you see as the top three qualities that make an effective team?

Know-how (the must have skills), emotional intelligence and engagement.

  1. Who motivates the motivator? If the leader motivates others, who motivates the leader? How they can motivate themselves?

The leaders have a kind of personal approach of life that makes that their « Why ? » is omni-present. They find their own excitement. They have the ability to inspire themselves and to inspire the others. Nonetheless, the « motivator » finds also his own inspiration in looking at his environment, in reading books and analyzing about major achievements in his field and other related topics. This extensive knowledge is the settlement for their own exciting and inspiring new vision.

  1. What are the common mistakes leaders make in motivation and people management?

The most common might be to think that people are in the leader’s head. « It is obvious, it doesn’t need too much explanation. » Indeed, people need detailed and repeted explanation to get familiar with a new vision. From there, they can share this vision and be fully part of it.

To communicate that vision might not be sufficient if the leader doesn’t get the full adhesion of the people concerned. If the vision is explained with not enough benevolence and care, the people involved might not feel personaly involved in this mission.

  1. What is the biggest change you’ve seen in leadership in the past 30 years?

From my own experience in several different industrial and manufacturing fields, I could see an historical pyramidal leadership switch these very last few years to transverse and more operational behaviors in sucessful companies. Motivation mixed with human connection get in the game. The process has become so rigid throughout the years that it has created a real glass ceiling above performances. Industrial companies try now to put the man back in the game and consider that his emotions could bring unexpected performance.

  1. What will be the biggest challenges for leadership in the next 10 years? How can leaders prepare for the future?

The leadership is shifting from an individual leadership to a collective and adaptable leadership. Depending on the situation, the leadership will be able to move from one person to another, or to a team. The emotional collective intelligence will lead to an unpredictable leadership. The managers will be the real motivators and actors of change who will be able to adapt to the strategy.

On the other hand, the leaders will have to work more than ever on themselves and their human connection abilities. This will be necessary to face and be fully part of the collective emotional intelligence of a team.

  1. Do you think sports people are more motivated to unlock their potential at work? Does playing sport can make you more successful?

Sport is a real tool of personal development. It is a very efficient way to learn how to express ourself in our environment, to find balance, to interact with the others for the best achievable result. Most of the time, people choose voluntarely to practice sport and they have a personal motivation in doing so. On the other side, our brain loves to practice, to learn and to re-use its skills in any situation. In my opinion, playing sport is a good way to be able to improve our impact at work if, and only if, the person makes the sensorial connection between both behaviors during leisure and during work. They are indeed potentially not disconnected. The key to be more successful at work is to re-create that mindset of having fun in achieving results. 

  1. What are some things we can do every single day that will help us to achieve extraordinary results and go further? How we can begin to think better and bigger every single day?

In my opinion, achieving great results is accessible to most people. It is fully part of our own behavior and mindset. Optimistic people see the good in whatever they live. On the other side, it is the total opposite in the very same situation. It is embedded in us but it is changeable if we educate our brain and shift our attitude.

2 daily tips that can impact positively on our life: look at the others with benevolence in any situation and improve our confidence in ourself by looking at the good that we achieve each day. The positive results come from the harmony that we create around us day after day.

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