Conference / Keynote: UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment: Leadership & Management of the Future!

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Exceptional world records in high-speed extreme sports or successful complex projects in industrial environments (aeronautics, nuclear, automotive…), are the result of 25 years of innovative approaches in terms of strategy, technology, uncertainty management and people management.

This exploratory journey makes us feel the limits of pure performance. We can feel the extreme exhaustion of the people involved in this race for results. Fundamental questions rise about a new balance in the organizations of tomorrow.

More than ever, with the extraordinary sanitary crisis of 2020-21, we will have to know how to combine all our resources, whether technical or human: to produce better, in an ever more demanding environment, for the benefit of the greatest number of people and using far fewer resources.

Portrait de Marc Amerigo

Achieving this unique performance in a complex and uncertain environment requires a new mode of Leadership & Management with an ever more open, benevolent and supportive operating dynamic, more agile and creative.

This magnificent potential is present in each of us. It can be reactivated to open wide the doors of tomorrow’s world.


From our Dreams of Fluidity & Fulfillment to our organization of tomorrow.

BEYOND THE LIMITS! The 7 key principals to achieve high performance both as a team and individually.

Power of the collective and human empowerment.

Optimizing the performance of industrial projects thanks to an agile management focused on the human being.

What if we could reconcile High Performance and Human Fulfillment in this uncertain world?

Managing emotions and collective success in a constantly changing world: how to adapt to succeed together?

Our dreams of fulfillment in the face of uncertainty.

Project management strategies to improve the overall performance of the industrial company.

Agile project management in industrial environments: challenges and opportunities.

The art of balance: How to achieve high performance and human fulfillment?

Managing risks to improve project performance in an industrial environment.

The new human dimension of LEAN management.

Key principles to reach High Performance collectively in a world of uncertainty to go beyond the limits.

Our long version trailer: “UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment”

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