Conférence AXA FRANCE – Distribution Réseau

SHIFT YOUR BRAIN pour ATTEINDRE L’ULTRA-PERFORMANCE EN EQUIPE. Séminaire annuel des top managers du réseau de distribution AXA FRANCE : c’était hier, pour leur “rentrée”, une [...]


Sailing, a life path towards UltraPerformance – Une voie, sous voile

SHIFT YOUR BRAIN to reach ULTRA-PERFORMANCE Under sails, by myself, carried by the wind and the boat that traces its course under pilot … life goes under the hull, under my happy feet, to [...]


Equipe de France de Football : CHAMPIONS DU MONDE !!! World Champion 2018!!!

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité !!! #FiersdetreBleus #UltraPerformance #Tribe #Tribu  


Equipe de France de Football : vers le titre mondial 2018 ?! Unstoppable future World Champion?!

OUR FRENCH TEAM IN ULTRAPERFORMANCE MODE – WorldCup2018 Final FRANCE qualified in the World Cup Final 2018 (Picture of Deschamps “We are all together”) Our French Team in [...]


FEPA Annual Conference in Lisbon – UltraPerformance, Safety & international collaboration

Annual Conference of the FEPA (European Federation of Abrasive Producers) Feels good to have been part in activating #transformation during the #FEPA annual conference in Lisbon, June 13th, 2018. [...]


Convention Annuelle AFCP ELEVATE 2018 – UltraPerformance & Evènementiel

Convention AFCP #ELEVATE2018 🌐 – FPSA French professional Speakers Association Convention AFCP ELEVATE2018 – Paris 31/05 au 02/06/2018 A true exploration mixing speakers and artists [...]


Le projet nucléaire mené à EDF Flamanville sur le fil ! Time target reached… sharp!!!

NOTRE CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAIRE TEMPORAIRE LIVREE EN TEMPS ET EN HEURE ! Phase de lancement : La vie est parfois incroyable! Il y a des phases de vie lors desquelles vous percevez que quelque chose [...]


EngiNova’s Main Projects / Principaux Projets 2017-2018

OUR CURRENT RUNNING INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS NOS PROJETS INDUSTRIELS EN COURS These achievements strengthen our specific strategic positioning that meets the needs of major clients: an expert [...]


The TRIBE’S method is spreading out / la méthode TRIBE’S se déploie

REACHING ULTRA-PERFORMANCE BY REACTIVATING OUR INTERNAL RESOURCES This world surrounding us can be fascinating and exciting, dark and dangerous, uncontrollable, decadent or flourishing for us. [...]

Interview Economy.bg: Leadership & Management of the future

Interview about the leadership and the management of the future with Economy.bg, online publication in Bulgaria for business, economics and management. Interview dans le journal économique [...]

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