Talk: Innovation and Performance beyond the limits

Innovation and creativity start with a specific mindset

From my own experience in research and extreme environments needing cutting-edge solutions, a powerful innovation is the result of a specific mindset. It is also the ability to watch and understand Nature.

As an example, beyond the 14 patents that I have been involved in, I had the opportunity in my carreer to work in the research field on helicopters and automotive industry. Industry and extreme sports have always been a very productive combination of know-hows and mindsets.

Conférence innovation - Zephir Project - Haute Technologie et écoresponsabilité
Portrait de Marc Amerigo - Conférence Innovation - Innover en milieu complexe - Dépasser les limites


Innovation provides the opportunity to enter into the unknown and explore new fields. Whether in research projects or in our everyday business life, this is the mindset of leaders and individuals. It’s also their ability to organize and create the favorable conditions leading to innovation and success.

The background of the talk is Marc’s personal experience in research and innovation. It goes from helicopter blades to automotive industry. But also to the achievement of world records in high speed fields.

The preparation of the talk “innovation” with the client is key

This time of exchanges is key to really dive into the innovation and creativity approach. We can then focus more efficiently with the audience on understanding the steps of building an innovation and, as a result, reaching high performance in our projects and organizations.

#ZephirProject below is a perfect demonstrator.


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  • Talk – Keynote: Strategic Agility: How to Innovate and Perform in a World Where the Rules Are Constantly Changing.
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