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As a subsidiary of the French bank BPCE Group, BPCE Solutions Informatiques contributes technically to the analysis of our embedded data, thanks to the know-how of their data scientists and their Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Digital technology at the service of tomorrow!

Zephir Project is unclassifiable and bold,
Because it is above all a human & environmental adventure,
Let’s meet ! 

Sponsoring Zephir Project: Vision, Purpose and Commitment

Alongside our key technical partnerships, this financial support allows us to activate the synergies (technical and human resources) of our ecosystem.

What if we could combine high performance and ecoresponsibility to serve the world?

While bringing real societal benefits (Ecomobility at low carbon footprint & recyclability, Wind & marine energy, Education)?

What if we could unveil the secrets of absolute sailing glide by learning from biomimetism, birds and fishes?

And challenging the most powerful sailingboats with a Man for the common good?

Here below 2min47 of synopsis to understand (almost) everything:

(subtitles available)

Which worldwide impact so far?

To this day, some 200 million people around the world have been reached through the press, radio and TV media :

France Television, The Guardian, Rai Uno, France Inter, France Info, France Bleu, Les Echos, Ca m’intéresse, L’EquipeMag, Voiles & Voiliers, L’Indépendant, La Dépêche, Ouest France…

Not to mention the impact on social networks (Instagram, FB, LinkedIn).

Beyond the media coverage and the brand image?

We want to build collectively this unprecedented adventure, and create a winners synergy with high added value.

This is why “Zephir Project” is a diversified and committed collective ecosystem. Our promise! 

Several packages are available in our value proposition up to €80k on an annual basis per sponsor.

Join our first Privilege GOLD partner: BPCE Solutions Informatiques (part of BPCE Group), which also provides technical support for our data analysis and AI.

What about sponsoring Zephir Project? Let’s discuss it in person

Thank you in advance for all your attention, recommendations and support.

Antoine Albeau & Marc Amerigo
Co-Founders of the Zephir Project

Zephir Project avec Antoine Albeau & Marc Amerigo
Zephir Project avec Antoine Albeau & Marc Amerigo

We do not commit ourselves to succeed but to do everything to succeed! 

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