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A true Homeric epic of modern times

Zephir Project: to write the sequel, we need you!

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Embark with us to break the absolute world record for sailing speed with Antoine Albeau, 25 times World Champion!

A true Homeric epic that takes shape day after day:

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Breaking the World Sailing speed Record with the most successful French sportsman, Antoine Albeau

Zephir Project has now reached a pivotal phase since its self-funded launch on the eve of the pandemic. With this first cycle of innovations and the first prototypes coming out at the end of 2021 as planned, the biggest media will keep writing beautiful lines. This will also be an opportunity to showcase our first sponsors!

So far, spectacular breakthroughs have been made with our small financial means…
But to go for this record, we need real financial means, starting now!

Zephir Project?

It is a collective and eco-responsible adventure pushing human and technological limits to exceed the ultimate speed in sailing and revolutionize board sports, led by the co-creators Antoine Albeau and Marc Amerigo,  Project manager and renowned engineer.

We are surrounded by the best experts in the world who share our vision and our deep conviction. So far, they have been able to offer their time and their vast know-how, but today we need some solid financial support.

The worldwide impact so far?

To this day, 193 million people around the world have been reached through the press, radio and TV media, not to mention the impact on social networks (Instagram, FB, LinkedIn).
Annick GIRARDIN, France Minister for Maritime Affairs gave us her full support at the Grand Pavois boat show in La Rochelle, and during the opening of the NAUTIC boat show in Paris, where Zephir Project was invited to exhibit.
All the major French media following us are eagerly awaiting the next technical trials: France Television, France Inter, France Info, France Bleu, L’EquipeMag, Voiles & Voiliers, L’Indépendant, La Dépêche, Ouest France…

Beyond the media coverage and the brand image?

This is an unprecedented adventure that we want to build together, and create a “win-win” synergy with high added value. This is our promise!
By committing to this project, you will be able to experience technological developments and world record attempts at first hand. Thanks to our experience in high impact seminars and conferences, you will also benefit from our shared experience in leadership, hybrid management and complex project management. This know-how and our shared values can be passed on to your teams, taking into account your own strategic challenges and your areas of development, in this context of multiple crises.
Imagine what we can do together on the basis of all these achievements!  Thank you in advance for all your attention, recommendations and support.
Marc Amerigo
Project Leader Zephir Project, Co-founder with Antoine Albeau

Zephir Project explained in 2 minutes by Stade 2 – Grand Format on France Television:

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