Talk / Keynote “My 7 key principles in management & leadership to achieve high performance both as a team and individually”

Humility & Passing on knowledge - Zephir Project - Marc Amerigo & Pierre Schmitz


What could be the 7 key principles in management and leadership to reach high performance, both as a team and individually?

Marc Amerigo, an engineer by training, entrepreneur and project leader, has experienced challenges in the most complex industrial and sporting environments for the last 30 years. From world speed records to industrial successes and through his experience, he has been able to take away his findings and develop the concept of 7 pillars leading to success, like a compass.

Whether it is through his projects or while presenting at conferences/workshops/seminars, Marc shares with authenticity and pragmatism meaningful keys to success. The different type of events on offer allows him to adapt to the organisation and passing on his knowledge, so that each participant leaves with reference points on their own individual and collective path. Everything becomes possible and the human and technical dimensions are able to merge to enhance the adventure.

What are these 7 key principles?

They are built on human values, reinforce confidence and energy over time. They allow us to keep our full attention and reach objectives that might otherwise have seemed inaccessible.

“Explorer’s Mindset”, “Humility & Passing on knowledge”, “Creativity & Innovation”, “Professional Intimacy”, “Fluidity”, “Commitment” and “UltraPerformance Philosophy” are the pillars that Marc uses on a daily basis. Each of these words is a real concentrate of experiences, gained both within his work in companies and in extreme environments.

Which new project to share?

In parallel to his interventions in industrial or corporate environments, Marc is also involved in the pursuit of speed records. He shares 25 years’ experience of speed records with great champions such as Eric Barone (holder of the mountain bike downhill speed record on snow at 228kph). His latest adventure is the Zephir Project that he co-launched in 2020 with Antoine Albeau, the most successful French athlete with 25 world windsurfing titles, Antoine holds the current record in his discipline at nearly 100Km/h.

Supported by an international team and the mainstream medias, their objective is to find the keys to absolute gliding under sail to exceed the 121Km/h speed record currently held by a super-powerful boat. This extraordinary human and technological adventure is on its way to new records.

Complementary Workshop (link here)

In addition to the conference, a brand new workshop “strategic collaborative brainstorming” has been developed using neuroscience and the digital tool SparkUp.

This precious time spent together will allow you to leave with structured and prioritized work axes.

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