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Direction Ingénierie EDF (DIPDE)
Testimonials of Jérôme BICAIL, Directeur Délégué, Réjane HEBRARD Chef du Département Etudes Ilôts Nucléaires, and Xavier DUEZ, Délégué Technique et ancien Chef d’Arrêt – Marseille, France

Testimonial Frank Furness about Marc Amerigo international professional speaker – Washington DC, USA

Testimonial Niels Brabandt about Marc Amerigo – international professional speaker – Washington DC, USA

Témoignage de Nabil Doss, past-GSF (Global Speaker Federation) President – Keynote “Au-delà des Possibles!”, Paris, France

Testimonial of Jonathan Low, past-GSF (Global Speaker Federation) President about the keynote “Beyond the Limits!” Keynote “Beyond the Limits!” with Marc Amerigo and Eric Barone, Paris, France


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  • Thank you again for your inspiring performance, your authenticity and your passion, which enabled us to experience a privileged moment in "perfect fluidity". Everyone was unanimous: I'm still receiving vibrant feedback from the teams.

    AIRBUS - Event coordinator
  • Moment of perfect fluidity - There are no coincidences! An audience captivated by an inspiring speaker! We appreciated Marc's ultra-human approach with exceptional availability and attentiveness. In particular, Marc shared his passion, his values and his benevolence with us: with images, videos , striking silences, but also with encounters with extraordinary people!

    AIRBUS - Team in charge of Operating Excellence
  • The challenge with our AXELERATE session, our new management program for all AXA managers, was to engage people in a collaborative mode right from the beginning, to welcome emotions and create trust among participants, in a nutshell to allow them work with their mind, body and heart. Marc’s conference was such a gift!  His strong presence and his very simple way to share his experience of team performance in complex industrial projects as well as in extreme sport challenges have allowed AXA managers to realize how critical trust, confidence and top quality relationships can be for exceptional team performance.

    Juliette des Garets GIE AXA / Group L&D / Global Learning Partner Leadership & Management
  • Marc is one of these passionate, fascinating and moving speakers whom we cannot forget when we understood him He brings a new reading of the innovation which allows his public to change paradigm and thus perspective... His style is fluid, authentic and true. We totally recommend him for all the events and the professional conventions about transfer and change. I love " Shift your brain" brand that totally defines totally Marc’s personality. He is one of rare engineers I know who is able to subtly combine emotion and reason on the platform. That was a pure pleasure to go with him in his new way of professional speaker and I wish him a brilliant career.

    Christine MORLET, CSP Keynote Speaker and Speech Coach • inspire • influence • impact • Past Président Association Française des Conférenciers AFCP
  • I've had the honor and pleasure to experience first hand Marc's high performance world-record breaking team and project leadership, as well as many times his professional conference's on "Shifting Your Brain" in situations of high stakes, chaos, and disconnected people. Marc is that rare guy you know you can trust in coming up with a solution, most times highly innovative, in extreme situations that leave no margin for error really. His ability to focus everyone on the essentials, to connect people to each other like never before- on a human level- is really a living example of innovative leadership for today. He walks his talk like so few do, making you feel like anything is possible no matter how impossible it feels. His professional talks intimately share how you too can tap into this innovative intelligence within you, and in your teams. #WOW

    David Brower Sensorial Experience Creator - Alivefulness
  • Marc Amerigo is a man who is fascinated by innovation and sharing. He is an engineer who finds incredible solutions in industrial circles, and also puts his skills at the service of extreme sports projects and to help in some world records. He( shares his concepts and hispassion in conferences today, with his binomial Eric Barone, or alone. He is a real asset for his customers. He is clear, alive and makes vibrate the participants attending to his conferences. He has an impressing course (several patents and records) and human qualities so important today in a company. He is bilingual English and French.

    Véronique LEROY Conférencière, Spécialiste du client Satisfait. Past Secrétaire Générale Association Française des Conférenciers AFCP / Speaker, Specialist of Satisfied customer. Past Secretary of the French General association of the AFCP Speakers
  • I had the opportunity to attend Marc's speech and I found it brilliant! His speech is full of common sense. If only more entrepreneurs could think like him and do not forget that the human is at the heart of success ... or failure, our entrepreneurs' breeding-ground would be even more fertile.

    Thibault Peltier, CFA Managing Director at CORIS Innovation
  • Marc has expertly bridged the gap in industry by creating a way to amalgamate human emotions with high performance in complex environments. SHIFT YOUR BRAIN brings together the technical dimension and the human dimension to create ultra performance. - and it is all proven in Marc's work whether it is in World Record Breaking extreme sport, or successful industrial projects. As a speaker he brings exciting revelations to an audience and delivers with passion and credibility. I'm excited by his work, not least of all because it is aligned with mine and the subjects that I adore - the human element of success. He has an incredible pedigree, packed full of success stories and case history. If you need your teams to think differently... to explore the potentials... to get ready to perform for ULTRA PERFORMANCE then you really need Marc. Call him!

    Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA Unleashing people's potential and unlocking the key to motivation through understanding human behaviour.
  • Seminar 2019 conducted over 2 days with the Finance Department of the group: ultraperformance The_Art_Of_Ultraperformance ultra-performance human_empowerment epanouissement_humain human decideurs decision-makers tribe tribu motivation depassement transformation innovation chaos performance harmonie management leadership commitment engagement harmony universal_responsibility responsabilité_universelle shiftyourbrain brainshift conférencier speaker seminar séminaire marc-amerigoDuring this common experience, I witnessed astonishment, benevolence and tolerance but also lively and sincere exchanges. It has therefore favored a sharing of experiences, a sharing of emotions and led to a better listening of the other. At present, I can see that the teams are coming together and that there is a collective desire to move forward together. I am surrounded by teams that are invested in their daily work but have little opportunity to exchange with each other and to have common objectives. At the end of this experience led by Marc and Léocadie, the teams defined a roadmap together, taking into account their respective "universes" and identified a major common project for all. 3 significant advances in our daily professional and personal lives: A greater openness towards each other, a more united team and the management of a shared structuring project.

    Isabelle Balestra KEOLIS - Group General Counsel
  • Hi Marc, What a privilege to be in the audience tonight to hear your talk!! I felt very lucky to have been there. I'm so glad there's someone like you talking about the things you talk about, in the way you do. Many of your points struck a cord with my beliefs/principles-- so good to hear harmony, nature, balance, connections and emotions been emphasised in work contexts! It goes without saying that I'm in awe of what you do and have achieved. Thanks again. You presentation this evening certainly will be one of those permanently etched memories. (I certainly will be keeping my eyes peeled for what Eric & your team get up to next!!) Safe journey home, and best of luck with all your future endeavours.

    Pamela Chen Chef & Presenter, Pamela Chen's Asia
  • Marc was able to create the surprise and interest of the managers present by developing a new approach to performance issues, based on a central human dimension. The difference between performance and excellence or ultra performance is obtained by sublimating the human being and creating the conditions for collective success, in which each person enriches the performance of the other. [caption id="attachment_2195" align="alignleft" width="300"]ultraperformance The_Art_Of_Ultraperformance ultra-performance human_empowerment epanouissement_humain human decideurs decision-makers tribe tribu motivation depassement transformation innovation chaos performance harmonie management leadership commitment engagement harmony universal_responsibility responsabilité_universelle shiftyourbrain brainshift conférencier speaker seminar séminaire marc-amerigo Avec Nicolas DUMAS, Directeur Général Adjoint ENGIE Cofely France[/caption] This intervention allowed me to reinforce the collective and to put back at the center of my management committee the issues of solidarity and mutual aid, in the search for excellence. We talk a lot about customer excellence, but operational, managerial and financial excellence are often personal dimensions that each person tries to preserve. The first benefit is the awareness of the need to collaborate in the face of the complexity of current challenges. The 2nd is the awareness of the ability to surpass oneself together and the 3rd is certainly the collective need to reinforce one's ambition and to dare to believe that the impossible is attainable. In addition to the beautiful dynamics created, the animation is stimulating and original. Bravo !

    Nicolas Dumas Directeur du Territoire EST Engie Solutions - DGA Engie COFELY
  • I have been associated with Marc over the past 24 months in the Shrink Wrap Industry. He is an extremely knowledgeable man, and is dedicated to perfection and has spent a great deal of time assisting me with issues, and without his personal touch on our big BOILER ONE project at Kusile last year (near JoBurg, SA), we would not have been able to record a resounding success. This valuable contribution without a doubt has ensured us of getting BOILER TWO. Thanks Marc...we start on BOILER TWO next month.

    Ernest Lintnaar Specialist in Encapsulation, Containment, Moisture Control, Piping Insulation, Instrument Winterisation, Steam Stations
  • I met Marc Amerigo during an intervention on my project of production cessation BLAYAIS nuclear power plant, where we had to find a technical solution to allow us to pursue the activities of the project without disrupting the engagings and without disrupting the project. We had consulted several companies to answer our problem, only ENGINOVA answered the request and knew how to take up the challenge. Where most of the companies announced us too long deadlines, completely incompatible with the schedule, ENGINOVA knew very quickly how to take into account the scale of the problem and the potential impact on the project without a quick solutions. ENGINOVA, managed by Marc AMERIGO, developed and operated a technical solution at a very short deadline. Marc knew how to adapt and organise the working site (file, risk analysis,…) but especially adapt himself to the complex situation of the intervention in the reactor building. A huge challenge achieved by Marc's team. Thank you for this service which allowed us to pursue the activities of the project, in safety, without critical impact on the schedule.

    Xavier DUEZ Chef de projet sur les arrêts de tranche chez EDF / EDF project manager on outages
  • Marc is an enthusiast and you can see it ! you cannot obtain a world record without passion and commitment in what you make. Bravo for this record and thank you for this wonderful conference.

    Loic Bonnardel International Business Development Manager IMED
Conférence de Marc Amerigo - Nuage de mots - Nantes Tecaliman
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