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Direction Ingénierie EDF (DIPDE)
Testimonials of Jérôme BICAIL, Directeur Délégué, Réjane HEBRARD Chef du Département Etudes Ilôts Nucléaires, and Xavier DUEZ, Délégué Technique et ancien Chef d’Arrêt – Marseille, France

Testimonial Frank Furness about Marc Amerigo international professional speaker – Washington DC, USA

Testimonial Niels Brabandt about Marc Amerigo – international professional speaker – Washington DC, USA

Témoignage de Nabil Doss, past-GSF (Global Speaker Federation) President – Keynote “Au-delà des Possibles!”, Paris, France

Testimonial of Jonathan Low, past-GSF (Global Speaker Federation) President about the keynote “Beyond the Limits!” Keynote “Beyond the Limits!” with Marc Amerigo and Eric Barone, Paris, France


Témoignage Christine Morlet pour Marc Amerigo : http://youtu.be/S3QbijSF9Q4

Testimonial of Steve Weber about Marc Amerigo – international professional speaker : http://youtu.be/kDA4F_XMddI

Testimonial of Gabriele Fähndrich about Marc Amerigo international speaker : http://youtu.be/wuWOvUWfi5Q

  • Marc is one of these passionate, fascinating and moving speakers whom we cannot forget when we understood him He brings a new reading of the innovation which allows his public to change paradigm and thus perspective... His style is fluid, authentic and true. We totally recommend him for all the events and the professional conventions about transfer and change. I love " Shift your brain" brand that totally defines totally Marc’s personality. He is one of rare engineers I know who is able to subtly combine emotion and reason on the platform. That was a pure pleasure to go with him in his new way of professional speaker and I wish him a brilliant career.

    Christine MORLET, CSP Keynote Speaker and Speech Coach • inspire • influence • impact • Past Président Association Française des Conférenciers AFCP
  • The challenge with our AXELERATE session, our new management program for all AXA managers, was to engage people in a collaborative mode right from the beginning, to welcome emotions and create trust among participants, in a nutshell to allow them work with their mind, body and heart. Marc’s conference was such a gift!  His strong presence and his very simple way to share his experience of team performance in complex industrial projects as well as in extreme sport challenges have allowed AXA managers to realize how critical trust, confidence and top quality relationships can be for exceptional team performance.

    Juliette des Garets GIE AXA / Group L&D / Global Learning Partner Leadership & Management

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