UltraPerformance, the day everything changed…

March 28, 2015… in a few minutes my life will change and never be the same again. I’m standing at the top of a snow speed track, wearing ice crampons on a 45 degree slope, ready to set the start for a new world speed record. I am waiting for the verdict. The conditions are Dantesque, a few seconds will sum up three years of my life which, at this precise moment, bring Eric Barone to this absolute record of 223,30Km/h on a bike. The machine that I am loses control of its emotions and I realize, in tears, that I will never again be able to be satisfied with pure performance.
My life then shifted into a new dimension: that of UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment.

UltraPerformance, a way of life

So why not project ourselves into a new paradigm in which people would flourish in their activity while “performing”? What about groups working in extreme environments? What hidden resources do we still have available to effectively meet the challenge?

My 7 key principles as a Project Leader combined with this philosophy of UltraPerformance are the fruit of my reflections and life experiences. They integrate all the keys and methods that I have gradually developed, such as the BrainShift or TRIBE’S methods, which you will find in the book*.

*book in progress – released in 2022

The uncompromising equation of this “new” world

The effect of the 2020 pandemic has been further reinforced: tomorrow’s organizations will have to produce better, in an increasingly demanding environment, for the benefit of as many people as possible, using far fewer natural resources, and even having a positive balance. This complex equation requires our structures to review their fundamental operating principles.

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