#ZephirProject : Watersports on their way to a major revolution !

In sports, pushing the limits never reached by human beings is a classic challenge. Recruiting and managing a multidisciplinary team of experts to reinvent technological, psychological and industrial benchmarks is a completely different matter!

This is the ambitious challenge we have set ourselves with

Antoine Albeau, the most successful sportsman in the history of French sport with 25 world windsurfing titles and the current world windsurfing speed record holder with 53.27 knots (98.65 km/h). Together, based on my philosophy of Ultraperformance, we structure #ZephirProject around people and innovation, bringing 80 people and 50 companies into our adventure.


Antoine Albeau dans la soufflerie démarre les essais avec de la fumée de visualisation des écoulements photo Richard Bord

One goal:

To take back their record from the boats (65.45 knots or more than 121 km/h) by cracking the code on the surface of the water. For that we have to revolutionize the world of windsurfing by creating a more efficient and safer equipment. 

If the human being is at the center of the watersports, it is also and above all the heart of the Zephir project.

Marc Amerigo Leader de #ZephirProject aux côtés d'Antoine Albeau
Marc Amerigo - UltraPerformance Leader
Portrait d'Antoine Albeau dans la soufflerie de Magny-Cours
Antoine Albeau - Windsurfing 25x World Champion and current speed WR holder
Antoine Albeau dans la soufflerie démarre les essais avec de la fumée de visualisation des écoulements photo Richard Bord
Pierre Schmitz essai soufflerie Magny-Cours-Cours photo Richard Bord
scan du corps de Pierre Schmitz photo Richard Bord

The Zephir Team

At our side, an international team of 80 experts and 50 companies from the world of competitive sailing (America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendée Globe…) but also from F1, aeronautics and space as well as 3D modeling, design, cinema or Artificial Intelligence. The team’s headliners include Martin Fisher (co-designer of the Luna Rossa boat, America’s Cup competitor), Eric Barone (extreme sports champion and world record holder in downhill mountain biking), Robert Stroj (head designer of NeylPryde’s leading sails) and Chris Radkowski (pioneering designer of hydrofoils).

Fundamentally attached to the transmission, an undeniable factor of success, we also rely on the young generation as witnesses and actors of the project.

Antoine Albeau’s young protégé, Pierre Schmitz, a windsurfing hopeful, and engineering students from Centrale Lyon, ESME-SUDRIA and EM Business School are actively participating in the project<

At the heart of this technological and managerial breakthrough, the human being is driving a new balance between industry and elements of nature.

Antoine Albeau et Eric Barone dans la soufflerie de Magny-Cours-Cours Zephir Project
Antoine Albeau in the wake of Eric Barone and his several MTB speed World Records, here in the ACE Magny-Cours windtunnel

#ZephirProject, a concentrate of technologies

Zephir is an industrial project that promotes innovations and patents in many fields. Its strength lies in the synergy of multiple skills and know-how, and in bringing together people who would never have met without this common project. Through an innovative management model based on UltraPerformance, we generate unprecedented results and technological advances that we put at the service of high-level and leisure sports.

The milestones of the Zephir project

The dynamics of this project are such that it is taking off without being held back by the crisis and its difficulties.

On December 3, 2020, we experienced the official launch of #ZephirProject with 4 days of world premiere in the wind tunnel, first in Magny-Cours at ACE and then at IAT-CNAM in Saint-Cyr l’Ecole.

These days allowed the team to explore further the flows on Antoine Albeau’s world record material, as well as a “motion capture” of the dynamic movement of his sails and body using animation film technologies. For analysis purposes, “conceptual designs” developed at Centrale Lyon 30 years ago and other prototypes have been the subject of new experiments.

The next steps

The next steps

1st semester 2021

    • Analysis of the data collected
    • Design and production of the first prototypes of sails, foils and wingsuits
    • High precision data acquisition onboard system
    • First tests of the prototypes

2nd semester 2021

    • First tests of the enhanced windsurfing technologies
    • First World Record attempts using boards with fins and foils


The Media talk about it

Marc Amerigo face aux journalistes expliquant le projet Zephir dans la soufflerie de Magny-Cours
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