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My talks / keynotes

Key titles include: “Management and Leadership in an uncertain future!” “Quid de l’innovation en milieu complexe pour dépasser les limites?” “How to reconcile high performance and eco-responsibility?” “The power of the collective and human fulfillment.” 

I invite you to immerse yourself in my life experiences. My practical experience of “field management” in business and industry (which resonates directly with yours) and the piloting of several world speed records in extreme sports intersect.

30 years’ experience in industry and extreme sports, several TEDx events, and currently with Antoine Albeau in the Zephir Project , which pushes back the limits of sailing speed… So many key moments that have enabled me to extract 7 real pillars, like compasses that point the way to success (discover them here).

Workshops “brainstorming”

And to ensure that this precious time spent together enables you to leave with structured and prioritized areas of work, I have developed this disruptive & collaborative workshop (link here): “strategic collaborative brainstorming” based on neuroscience and the digital tool SparkUp.

Part of the profits from these services enable me to support environmental, charitable, sporting and educational causes.

Marc Amerigo - Conférencier - Leadership Performance Innovation

Quotes of conferences attendees:

“Even though 4 years have passed, I have never forgotten your performance!”

“Une audience captivée par un conférencier inspirant ! Moment de fluidité parfaite – Il n’y a pas de hasard !”

Marc Amerigo’s conference was such a gift!”

“Particulièrement dynamique et sincère, avec une réelle vertu collective.”

Marc Amerigo’s bio in a few words

Often described by his peers as an atypical engineer or a daring project leader, he quickly left a well-planned career in large groups such as Airbus or Renault.

He decided to follow his own path to embrace the industrial and sporting challenges of his choice.

His life journey allows him to build true bridges between two worlds that he is passionate about for the last 30 years:

  • the most complex industrial environments in many different sectors…
  • and speed world records in extreme sports alongside the greatest champions.

He has extracted methods and key principles for success. This is the fruit of this cross-cultural experience and his personal thoughts.

He feels fortunate to share them on a daily basis in the management of his projects, in particular in the Zephir Project with Antoine Albeau, as well as on stage during talks or workshops with his clients.

Marc is also in charge of the “Leadership” course in the International Executive Master 2024 at Ecole Polytechnique. More about Marc Amerigo here


My current focus: #ZephirProject, unveiling the secrets of absolute glide with a sail!

A true demonstrator of my vision of the organizations of tomorrow, the Zephir project is an immense challenge for the next 3 years.

Our goal is to unveil the secrets of absolute glide with a sail. Our double purpose is to contribute to the eco-responsible world of tomorrow, and to reach new sailing speed world records, by revolutionizing windsurfing and watersports (65.45 knots (121 kph) currently held by boats).

I am sharing this adventure with a high-level athlete, Antoine Albeau, 26 times world windsurfing champion and speed record holder in the discipline, he is also the most titled French sportsman. True to my philosophy of UltraPerformance, which places human fulfillment at the heart of our attention, we rely on numerous partners and an international team composed of the best in the world in their field.

Projet Zephir Marc Amerigo et le jeune Pierre Schmitz discutent de leur dernier essai dans la fumée / Zephir Project

UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment, a philosophy serving tomorrow’s world

In addition to solving their pre-Covid-19 bottlenecks, our organizations will have to produce better, in an increasingly demanding environment, for the benefit of the greatest number and using far fewer resources. Industry, Corporate, Business, Education & Institutions are concerned more than ever.

More than a state of mind and operational methods, UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment is a real philosophy to accompany the decision-makers and all the people involved, in this profound mutation of tomorrow’s world.

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Marc Amerigo  “ULTRAPERFORMANCE through Human Empowerment”

“Grand Format” documentary dedicated to #ZephirProject on French television Stade 2 on FRANCE 3 on 02-28-2021. Marc Amerigo and Antoine Albeau have set themselves a new challenge: to beat the absolute sailing speed record by using enhanced windsurf technology. Stade 2 will show you the underside of this pharaonic project.

TED TALK Marc Amerigo : « Trust within a collective engaged in ultraperformance »

Testimonials about Marc Amerigo

“Marc started with the most amazing, like jaw-dropping!… BOOM!”

“Excellent ! J’ai eu la chance d’assister à une de ses conférences pour le boulot, il est bluffant. Son discours m’avait marquée.”

“Even though 4 years have passed, I have never forgotten your performance!”

“Particulièrement dynamique et sincère, avec une réelle vertu collective.”

“Absolutely awesome!”

“Tu nous as transmis tellement d’énergie et d’émotions que j’ai été pris aux tripes !”

Marc Amerigo - Conférence - Words cloud

“Marc Amerigo’s conference was such a gift!”

“Votre intervention pleine d honnêteté et donc d’émotion m’a particulièrement touché !”

“Without any fancy stuff or a big ego… He impressed a whole audience in a room that went completely silent, and left the room inspired by what he’s done.”

“Tu as participé à m’aider à trouver les clés dont j avais besoin pour avancer vers les défis que je me suis fixés.”

Conférence / Talk de Marc Amerigo pour BPCE-SI / Convention 2023 - 2000 personnes
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