Marc Amerigo’s background: Entrepreneurial Engineer, Project Leader in complex environments, International Speaker

This is an exercise best left to others! Putting forward your life story, biography, background, experience… or your legitimacy is essential, but not easy. My path is rich in accumulated experience, tortuous but ultimately more and more coherent in my opinion.

Nature is well made, and our paths in life, however surprising they may seem, have a golden thread running through them… a veritable quest in our existence. I’ve not been spared with some particularly difficult passages… But I think I’m finding my way, in connection with others, to the benefit of the noblest possible causes.

Atypical Engineer-Entrepreneur, Bold Project Leader, Man of Action with Multiple Records and International Speaker“.

Often referred to as such by his peers, Marc quickly left his career with major corporations such as Airbus and Renault to follow his own path. For the past 30 years, he has been taking on the greatest industrial and sporting challenges of his choice to reconcile Innovation, High Performance & Ecoresponsibility.

  • Co-Founder of Zephir Project with Antoine Albeau, sportif français le + titré (wikipedia)
  • Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, then trained at EM Lyon Business School & University of Maryland (USA)
  • 30 years supervising complex projects in numerous industrial sectors (aeronautics, nuclear, automotive, petrochemicals, chemicals, naval & shipyards, construction, public works…)
  • CEO / Chairman since 2002
  • In charge of the « Leadership » course in the Ecole Polytechnique Executive Master program
  • 9 World Speed Records in extreme sports with Eric Barone (MTB 228 kph link), Edmond Plawczyk (snowboarding 203 kph) and Antoine Albeau (windsurf & windfoil)
  • 14 patents registered in the automotive, industrial air treatment and sailing sectors
  • Scientific research publication in helicopter aerodynamics & aero-acoustics (AHS 1995)
  • Autobiographical book currently being finalized for an english edition in 2024
  • 150+ interviews given : TV, Radio and Press (e.g. : Zephir Project press kit link)
  • Collaboration with Hermès Garanger & SEM PROD in image production (link)
  • 200 million people reached by Zephir Project through the media in 18 months

As a speaker for events, conventions, seminars and workshops:

  • The main topics delivered (Talks here): Leadership & Management / Collective power / Innovation / Performance Ecoresponsibility / Trust & Commitment
  • 250 talks & keynotes given to all types of audiences, companies and organizations *
  • Talks in binomials with Hermès Garanger, Antoine Albeau or Éric Barone4
  • Strategic collaborative brainstorming workshops (combining neuroscience and digital tools)

Part of these events enable Marc to support environmental, charitable, sporting and educational causes.

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A background at the service of his Talks and Keynotes: Leadership & Management / Collective power / Innovation / Performance / Ecoresponsibility / Trust & Commitment

Marc Amerigo has built real bridges between two universes that have always fascinated him and give rhythm to his daily life.

From the most complex industrial environments… to speed records in extreme sports, Marc has extracted 7 pillars of success, the outcome of his cross-fertilization and personal reflection.

His background and all these years of experience on the field have taken him to the major international stages, where Marc Amerigo shares his pragmatic and profoundly meaningful keys.

Marc Amerigo covers these following key topics with an angle and examples specific to each context:

Leadership & Management / Collective Strength / Innovation / Performance / Ecoresponsibility / Trust & Commitment.

Between immersion at the heart of records and sharing industrial experience,

Marc adapts his various formats (talks, workshops and seminars, consulting) to meet the expectations of both customer and audience.

During the preparation phase, several of the 7 pillars were identified as the basis for the talk or keynote.

Through numerous parallels, anecdotes, images and thrills of his background, participants assimilate new reference points and keys that they can apply both individually and collectively.

Marc Amerigo shows us that human and technical dimensions can sublimate a project. By building on solid values and trust, we can achieve goals that seemed out of reach.

Zephir Project en essais avec Antoine Albeau, Marc Amerigo, Pierre Schmitz, Olivier Ponrouch, Eric Collard et l'équipe
Portrait de Marc Amerigo

Zephir Project: the outcome of a life’s journey for Antoine Albeau and Marc Amerigo

In parallel with his interventions, and in the continuity of his 30 years’ background of speed records with outstanding champions such as Éric Barone, Marc launched “Zephir Project” in 2020 with Antoine Albeau, our most successful French sportsman with 26 world windsurfing crowns.  Antoine also holds the current record in his discipline at nearly 100Km/h.

Backed by some 70 companies of all sizes and major media channels, their aim is to find the keys to absolute gliding and ecoresponsible energy efficiency. Wind power and ecomobility, for example, could benefit.

The second objective is to exceed the 121 km/h held by a super-powered boat.

Observers agree that this human and technological adventure, shared on stage, is outstanding!

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