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In charge of an international courses of the Executive Master Ecole Polytechnique : Leadership

It’s a particular honor to have been chosen by the prestigious École Polytechnique de Paris to lead the “Leadership” pathway in their 2024-2025 international program “Executive Master” taught in English.

Executive Master Ecole Polytechnique – Leadership… “3-2-1- Engines ignition and Liftoff!”

The first “Leadership” session took place on March 19, 2024 in the form of an intense seminar mixing lecture sections, brainstorming & discussions. Ecole Polytechnique and Leadership have always gone hand in hand.

So, the class is brilliant. And it’s a privilege to share my experience with people from such different backgrounds. Technology, AI, IT, banking, insurance, software, real estate, industry, consulting, medical… I’m forgetting!

An exceptional program

For more than a year, this class of remarkable men and women will therefore follow a diploma course at regular intervals from March 2024, focusing on “Technology, Innovation Management and Leadership”:

Needless to say, their selection is carefully scrutinized! The academic team involved is absolutely exceptional. And it’s an immense honor to be able to work alongside them in such a transmission setting.

The next few days will focus on the different dimensions of Leadership through my 7 pillars. I’ll also be lucky enough to be able to invite a number of outstanding speakers to join me, bringing their openness, their experience and their insights.

The Zephir Project is one of the main threads running through the course. A concrete demonstrator in motion.

Once again, a big thank you to Cécile Chamaret and the academic management of X, Anne-Florence Sandrine Roman Agathe Céline for your confidence. Your team is extremely dynamic and welcoming.
“High level of course!”

Next session at the end of May! Can’t wait!

A personal mention to several of my Ecole Polytechnique friends with atypical backgrounds whom I particularly appreciate Isabelle Braun-Lemaire Luc Renouil or Georges Perrot

Photos: international class 2024 and the brand-new BEM building hosting the program! Magnificent!

Find out here my talks keynotes about Leadership and Management of tomorrow

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