Talk for ORANGE Innovation and discovery of the famous BLERIOT XI airplane!!!

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Like a childhood dream, Zephir Project follows in the footsteps of a great explorer

Talks are always a source of inspiration and sharing for me, as was the case for Orange Innovation at the CNAM (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers). The title of the talk:

“What if we could reconcile… Innovative Mindset & Collective Strength to overcome all limits”.

A real gift comes next… With these top ORANGE inventors and their IP / Innovation Department, we are honored with a private tour of the museum.

The famous “BLERIOT XI” is on display at the very top of the main hall: AMAZING!

This was the first “aeroplane” to cross the English Channel in 1909, and the 11th prototype of an illustrious inventor, central engineer and pilot: Louis Blériot.

To reach the Grail of this historic and disruptive 37-minute moment, Blériot knew how to be patient. Above all, he never gave up in his quest for stable flight, despite the numerous crashes aboard the 10 previous versions. Numerous patents were filed in the course of his exploration.
But with no savings left, the 11th was his last prototype…

Découverte au CNAM de l'avion de Louis Blériot, le BLERIOT XI sur lequel il a traversé la Manche en 1909

It’s an inspiring story, and more so than ever for the Zephir project. With Antoine Albeau and the team, we’re moving in the same direction. We’re currently being joined by major players in the research and engineering sectors. These are crucial contributions to unlocking the secrets of water gliding, combining high performance with low environmental footprint manufacturing.

The vision is clear and the means are being put in place to achieve it.

Thank you #ORANGE Innovation, Sandrine Millet, the WeChamp Speakers Agency #CNAM for this precious moment together, and Louis Blériot of course for this wink of a modern-day adventurer.
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