World records are hidden in the details!

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New windsurfing speed World Record for Antoine Albeau, averaging 44.12 knots over the nautical mile set in June 2023

It’s official, new World Record for Antoine Albeau has obtained an international ratification by the WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Record Council).

On June 30, 2023, Antoine Albeau set a new world windsurfing speed record over the nautical mile (1852m) at an average of 44.12 knots (81.71Km/h), improving his previous record by more than 1 knot.

World records are hidden in the details

Conditions on the spot were almost perfect, with Antoine at the top of his game, and 2 key elements evolved:

– A surface coating from our long-standing partner Nautix that has been sanded down,

– The particularly accomplished asymmetrical fin by our friend and Zephir expert Olivier PONROUCH #UFO.

Antoine analyzes: “The board is livelier, with healthy behavior. As a result, both the fin and the board are more efficient, and you forget about them at high speed.”

A key to very high performance is often “more comfort”… Even if, at these speeds, everything remains relative!

Next works for Zephir Project to reach the next World Record of Antoine Albeau

A major area of work in Zephir Project with our new industrial partners concerns a better understanding of these wetted surfaces at very high speeds. Which material to use in combination with which architecture (striations, patterns, etc.) to push back the hydrodynamic limits of profiles.

The aim is to explore the behavior of coatings and structures that influence profile cavitation. The aim is to push back these limits, as can be observed in nature with marine mammals.

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Thank you Matthieu Taburet Maxime Delbury david mimeau and the Nautix team

Thank you dear Olivier, UFO – ltimate Fins Original

Find out here our talk keynote about Zephir Project with Antoine Albeau

Video posted on Instagram

Record du Monde Mille Nautique Antoine Albeau : 44,12 noeuds – Juin 2023

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