Couverture du futur livre de Marc Amerigo en haut de la montagne lors d'un record de vitesse d'Eric Barone

UltraPerformance… from our dreams of fulfilment, to the organisations of tomorrow

UltraPerformance: the day everything changed

March 28, 2015, in a few minutes my life will change and I will never be the same again. I am at the top of snow speedway, wearing ice crampons, on a 45-degree slope, giving the start for a new world speed record. I am waiting for the verdict. The conditions are Dantesque but three years can be summed up in a few seconds which, at this very moment, brings Eric Barone to his absolute record of 223.30Km/h on a bike. The machine that I am is losing control of its tears, never again to be satisfied with pure performance only.

My life took on a new dimension, UltraPerformance through human fulfilment.

The uncompromising equation of this “new” world

The pandemic of 2020 will definitely reinforce the fact that tomorrow’s organisations will have to produce better, in an increasingly demanding environment, for the benefit of the greatest number, using far fewer natural resources, and even have a positive balance sheet. This complex equation will force our structures to review their fundamental operating principles.

Why could we not allow ourselves to create a new paradigm where mankind could flourish and “perform” at the same time? What about collectives evolving in extreme environments? What hidden resources do we still have available to effectively meet this challenge?

This UltraPerformance philosophy is the result of my thoughts and life experiences. It integrates all the keys and methods that I have gradually developed, such as the BrainShift or TRIBE’S methods, that you will find in this book.

From destructive performance to ”UltraPerformance”

I have been passionately exploring performance since I was a child. Through this book, I take you on the often difficult path that led me to develop a pool of innovative solutions, disruptive management methods, methods that I developed to successfully complete many projects.

But pure performance has its limits: organisations pushed to their physical, physiological and mental limits, frustrations, loss of meaning, and ultimately the “deadly” risk of disengagement.
To overcome this, organisations have tested many solutions announced as providential, often technical, analytical, “procedural”, but always more disconnected from human beings, from their ancestral internal references, and to often end up being partly counter-productive.

UltraPerformance, new paradigm et new life balance

By going back to the source of what it is to be a human being and his natural connection to himself, by reconciling the technical and human dimensions through a deep and assumed alliance, full of meaning and values, a new balance is accessible and it is right before our eyes! I call it UltraPerformance through Human Fulfilment.

Thanks to this philosophy, we are changing our paradigm: human development is back at the heart of organisations’ concerns.  We generate in a voluntary and concrete way in a project or an organisation :

  • the achievement of high technical objectives, deemed “unattainable”, with a perception of ease
  • the individual and collective fulfilment of all of those involved in this success, combining self-confidence and confidence in others, lowering of egos and judging others, powerful human connection, surpassing oneself, pride, pleasure… to bring about a real inner transformation and the desire to move the adventure forward.

A universal philosophy

Could UltraPerformance be the Philosophy that our society needs?

Because of its universal form that reconciles all the actors and influencers, whatever their political, religious or ecological,  whatever divide them?  It allows the convergence of the energies currently scattered to achieve a common goal, and for a better world tomorrow?

After “Eric Barone’s” adventure, the story continues with Zephir project, launched in 2020 to beat the world’s speed record with a “augmented” board. In partnership with Antoine Albeau, the Zephir Project pushes even further the exploration of any limits

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