Mindset of explorers – Why and how in our projects?

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Why cultivate a mindset of explorers in our projects?

It’s commonplace to say that a project must be structured upstream, prepared in detail, planned. To the best of our know-how. But there is no such thing as perfection. Each leader/manager/team models its project in its own way.

On the other hand, the more rigid the framework and the organization, the more the exceptional but unpredictable opportunity remains hidden.

This explorer’s mindset is like a compass. It brings a mind that is totally open to all the little signs that we may come across on our way.
Therefore, we become able to pick up on these weak signals to be curious and creative in order to open new paths. And push the limits of our performance beyond all expectations.

This is one of our 7 key principles in ZephirProject with Antoine Albeau and the whole team.

Have you ever participated in (or led) a project driven by this explorer’s mindset?

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When this Explorer Mindset is assimilated by everyone in a team, you can literally break down mountains. We thrive on difficulty, transcending ourselves towards a goal, even if it’s an evolving one. The satisfaction you derive from it is boundless, both individually and collectively. Thus Mike Horn can write in all humility: “I’m not setting new records to beat, I’m changing a certainty: what was theoretically impossible is no longer so.”

Summary of the ” Mindset of Explorers ” pillar

Despite a high level of preparation, anything can happen, and it’s “OK”. Nature is well made, we can keep our self-confidence and get into action without wasting a second: observe, innovate, act and influence the situation.

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