Talk Extreme Sport “Beyond the Limits” with Marc Amerigo & Eric Barone, MTB World Champion


20 years together of World Records and World Premieres (our videos here). And we have been able to understand the keys of the confidence of a collective and the path to reach UltraPerformance.
Here they are: Leadership & Management of the Future, building a Tribe, pushing methods, motivation, innovation, commitment and engagement to find the essence of human power…

Conférence avec Eric Barone pour le séminaire annuel EIFFAGE Routes 2018 en binôme avec Marc Amerigo

Speed World Records (currently 228kph) on a mountain bike (MTB) and World Premieres


The last World Record in extreme sports of Eric Barone, downhill mountain biking on March 18th, 2017 with 228kph (142mph), or his downhill world premiere under the full moon on January 23, 2016 with “Performance Eclair – Full Moon Ride” are the achievement of several years of work in technology, people and management. (videos here)

The total commitment of the binomial Amerigo – Barone helped to push the boundaries and acquire a unique expertise centered on the vision, the team and the commitment of everyone at every moment.

With hindsight following these years of renewed achievements, always at Marc’s side and his evolution towards UltraPerformance through Human Development deployed in organizations, Eric BARONE is convinced that physical and mental health is achieved through human development and self-esteem.

Taking care of oneself to live as long as possible in good health is closely linked to one’s mindset, which must be global, thus fully integrating sustainable development of the planet and sustainable development of the being, the two being completely inseparable.

A moment apart …

” Shift your brain “,” Create your Tribe “,” Beyond the limits “… During the conference, Eric and Marc shared a bit of their world. A world” fast and furious “, where the alchemy of innovation, science, technology and human beings involved make it possible to realize “The Impossible”, a moment apart for our teams, between curiosity, emotion and surpassing oneself adventure by finishing the trip with us. Simply exceptional! ”

Christophe VIALLE – Marketing Manager – ACIES, ABGI Group

Their several world class performances, reached together since 1998, are the background of these great learnings that they like to share to help everyone to go Beyond our Limits!

Speakers Eric Barone & Marc Amerigo : Au-delà des Possibles / Beyond the Limits!
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